Interested in Working With Us?

Schuster’s eight plants serve Maryland and surrounding states. Our fleet of over 180 signature green mixer trucks is well known on these roads.

Our company is looking for the right people to join our team.

Schuster Concrete provides steady income, competitive wages and benefits, and safe working conditions for our employees and their families.

We need safe drivers to operate our vehicles.

Experience is preferred. Commercial drivers hired through Schuster will complete a thorough review, DOT physical, and pre-employment exam. Safety is our priority, and we strive to keep our team safe at the plants and during deliveries.

Schuster Concrete Offers Competitive Employment Benefits

  • Medical Coverage

  • Short- and long term disability insurance

  • Accident insurance

  • Unemployment insurance

  • 401k retirement plan

  • Paid time off

Safety is Always in the Mix

Safety is one of our top priorities. We have a comprehensive safety program. All Schuster Concrete employees are required to attend workplace safety meetings and jobsite training. Strict safety rules are enforced to protect every employee. We are proud to say that we have an excellent safety record.

Commercial Driver Hiring Process

Commercial drivers must complete a comprehensive application and interview which includes DOT reference checks, pre-employment exam, and a DOT physical. Applicants undergo substance abuse testing. We also review the applicant’s driving record. Once the candidate has passed the above, they complete our hiring and onboarding process and attend orientation and training.

License Monitoring System

We monitor the driving record of all employees who operate our company vehicles. The License Monitoring System is a service of Maryland Department of Motor Vehicles. With this system, we receive an update any time there is a change in driving record for one of our drivers.

Safety Training

Our company Safety Director conducts quarterly safety meetings with plant-based employees. Employees receive continuous training on safe work practices. We have also implemented bi-monthly Tool Box talk articles that further discuss methods for working safely. If an accident or injury occurs, our safety department performs a full investigation.

Substance Abuse

Every potential employee must complete a full drug screening. Commercial drivers are randomly tested for substances every month. This policy is compliant with DOT regulations. Any employee involved in an accident or injury must complete a substance abuse test. A “positive” test results in termination of employment.


Schuster Concrete offers a robust incentive policy. Drivers who demonstrate excellent safety practices receive a yearly safety bonus. We also conduct a plant safety incentive program. We evaluate the total number of safety incidents at each ready-mix location. All employees of the plant with the lowest stats receive a reward at the end of each quarter.

Interested in working with us?